At All Times-Psalm 34:1

January 21, 2010

Everyday Traditions: Treasuring God in our Traditions Part III

Everyday traditions are those special practices we do regularly that teach our children how to think about God and the world. They give them a sense of belonging, stability, and routine in the world. In my last post we looked at family devotions as an important everyday tradition. Now I would like to share with you some one of our unique everyday traditions.

When my first son Justus was born I discovered that there was not a lot of “playing” I could do with a three-week-old baby. So I spent a lot of time singing. Easter arrived less than a month after he came so I selected an Easter hymn to sing for that month with him everyday. “Jesus Paid it All” became a special song even after Easter had come and gone. My husband, who doesn’t do a lot of singing, decided “Amazing Grace” would be a good song to sing to him. We have kept these two special songs as Justus’s lullaby songs. He has heard at least one of them every time he’s gone to bed for the first two years of his life. As he grows, I hope the meaningĀ  of these dear hymns grows with him. They are songs he can carry with him through all of life’s stages.
When my son Carson arrived a few months back, I selected two special songs for him. “In the Cross of Christ I Glory” was a song that had been dear to me during his pregnancy, and “O the Deep, Deep Love” was special because I listened to it over and over again to get through labor and delivery. Now he hears one of these songs every naptime and every night. They are prayers especially from my heart for him.

These songs are not just special tunes to lull my sons to sleep. They are not just gifts of truth for them to carry through life’s challenges. They are also gifts to myself. Every time I sing “Jesus Paid it All,” I have a precious reminder that the grace and blessings I’ve experienced that day are only possible through the goodness of my Savior who gave all to redeem me. Whenever I sing “In the Cross,” it gives me an opportunity to pray for my child to trust in Christ the crucified. These hymns can become mundane habits, but when I seize the moment, they turn into beautiful truths that teach my own heart and afford me opportunity to pray great and glorious things on behalf of my children. Traditions are not just for children, they are for grown-ups too.

There you have it, our own “everyday” tradition. Nothing complex or creative. Just real, daily, simple truth to permeate our home.


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