At All Times-Psalm 34:1

March 31, 2010

Thought 4: Health and Wellness

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In addition to the oodles of television shows and blogs on home decorating and remodeling are the countless ones on health and wellness. “Dr. Oz” (for those without cable) is a fascinating show, but cable television offers a whole channel devoted to this topic: Discovery Health Channel.

For me it all started with my first pregnancy. I had to know what caused every strange thing that was happening to my body. If I didn’t like it, I had to find a fix! I still haven’t found that magic solution to morning sickness. You would think that with all the advancements in medicine they would have a cure… alas.

Revelation 21:4 says ” There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” As Christian, we have the hope that one day all of our physical ailments, pains, and diseases will one day be wipes away. Heaven is a place where runny noses, joint-stiffening arthritis, incapacitating migraines, and incurable cancer do not exist.
Our inner man (regenerate or unregenerate) longs for this heavenly reality now.

Although I’m certainly not saying we shouldn’t seek to remedy these physical ailments, let them point us Homeward as we deal with them. When they are unmanageable, incurable, and life-altering, let them point us to the Great Physician who will one day grant healing. And let us point those who do not know Him to the one who can say so much more than “get up and walk.” He is the one who says “Your sins are forgiven.”


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