At All Times-Psalm 34:1

April 5, 2010

My Sabbath Day Rest: How I Prepared

Preparing for my Sabbath Day rest on Good Friday was quite a bit of work. All week long I was busy, busy cleaning my home. I had to work extra hard to make sure every single chore was complete, every piece of laundry was washed, and everything was put away. I did extra cleaning during the week like cleaning the stove (been putting that off for over a year now!), and getting out spring clothes. On Thursday I had to make a large grocery run and prepare food for Friday. I prepared a meal that I could easily warm up in the oven and serve with little fuss. I packed my husband’s lunch that night so it would be ready to throw in his lunch box in the morning.

I had to think through everything and work towards it all week long. Surprisingly, my learning began before my actual resting day. I was working so hard on Thursday so that I could rest on Friday. It quickly became apparent that while I did get much done (and was able to rest on Friday), I certainly could not get everything accomplished. The kitchen floor was left unswept, the sweet potatos didn’t get wipes off the dining room wall, and a few clothes were left in the sock basket. It was just a good reminder before my Sabbath even began that I can not do everything needed to be done to clean my home just as I can not do everything that needs to be done to clean away my sin before God.


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