At All Times-Psalm 34:1

April 10, 2010

My Sabbath Day Rest: What I Learned

It is amazing that a week has already gone by since Good Friday! I feel I have probably already forgotten what I learned, but at least the most important will remain. So here it is… (please read previous posts in this series first)

1. A consecrated day really does aid the mind in focusing. As a whole, I am surprised out how much more “spiritual” my mindset was during the day. The extra time reading with my son and the added effort to rest really did cause my mind to turn to spiritual thoughts more frequently. Every event of the day was clouded with a shadow of spiritual truth-or rather illuminated by the light of it. With this in mind I’ll mention two events from the day and the thoughts that came from them.

2. Christ has graciously sheltered us from the wrath of God. On Good Friday we remember Christ dying on the cross. What exactly happened during Christ’s flogging, mocking, torture, and death? One thing is for sure: the wrath of God was poured out upon Him.

The wrath of God most definitely rests above the heads of men for their sins. As I watched the first spring thunderstorm blow in with its dark gloomy clouds, straight line winds, and torrential rain, I was so thankful for the refuge of my home. It would be a fearful thing to get caught in a severe thunderstorm in the middle of a field. Without Jesus, that is where we stand on the day of God’s judgment: exposed to His wrath in all its fury. But with Christ we have a refuge. He has taken all the wrath for us on the cross. When we take refuge in Him, we are safe from the storm. He is a perfect shelter. “Rock of Ages, cleft for me. Let me hide myself in Thee.” Witnessing the storm that morning was a timely reminder.

3. Sweet, sweet sleep. One would think that a day consecrated to the Lord should be filled with extended prayer and Bible study. However, I took advantage of my kids’ nap time to take a nap of my own. Sleep is a special treasure in my life right now, but it is doubly sweet when acknowledged as a gift from God. I was able to receive my sleep that afternoon because there was no work to do be done. What a precious reminder that God provides us with rest from our labors. We no longer have to labor to keep His law or labor for His favor. We can rest in Christ knowing that all we could ever owe has already been paid.


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