At All Times-Psalm 34:1

June 7, 2010

Peace in the Fridge? (Looking Upward Over Spilled Milk Part II)

Today I began a somewhat normal cleaning regime after four weeks of chaos from moving into our new home. As I moved through the kitchen I willingly approached the refrigerator. Brand-new, shiny and bright, I knew there would be little to clean in it this week. The bottom drawer was the only place that appeared to have a mess, so I cleaned it first and then worked my way upward ridding the fridge of spoiled food and empty containers. As I reached the second to last shelf, the inevitable happened: I pushed over a hiding glass full of milk that cascaded across the shelf and dumped a creamy waterfall of goodness drawer-by-drawer down the back of my pristine refrigerator.

Yesterday my pastor preached a sermon on the first four horses from Revelation 6. Without going into great detail, he made the point that there will be no international peace on earth until the Messiah brings in peace. As I cleaned the whole refrigerator over again, I began thinking of my first blog post (Looking Upward over Spilled Milk), the sermon, Christ’s coming, and my present moment. Can I find Christ here? Can I find Him in my refrigerator right now? What truth and purpose is there for me in this moment? I asked myself, “There is no world peace, but is there peace in my refrigerator?” My conclusion: No, not in the refrigerator….

I think this morning I was reminded, there will be no true peace in my home, in my kitchen, or in my refrigerator until Messiah reigns. The milk will spill, and other floods will come. Be they flooded basements, potty training accidents (yes, we began potty training this week), or rivers of tears from the heartaches of life, my home will always have a lack of true peace.

But, even though my refrigerator was a mess this morning, my heart was not. Christ may not bring peace to my refrigerator yet, but He certainly reigns in my heart. As I rest assured that He is on His throne in heaven, I can be certain to have peace in my heart amid the chaos on earth—be it big or small.

I’ve got peace like a river,

I’ve got peace like a river,

I’ve got peace like a river in my soul.

(and a river of milk in the fridge)


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  1. Oh Whitney, I so admire your gentle and quiet spirit. What a blessing you are!

    Comment by allison — June 24, 2010 @ 6:53 am |Reply

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